Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yellow Ribbon Week 9/16-9/20

Greetings Teachers and Parents,
It’s Yellow Ribbon Week again! Join us in promoting friendship and kindness by celebrating Yellow Ribbon Week at Soleado.
Yellow Ribbon Week is observed to promote ”Loving, Caring, Sharing, & Friendship” in our children’s daily social learning environment, with an emphasis on preventing bullying in our school and community.
Through this program, we hope to encourage students to develop positive social skills and to respect their relationships with friends and classmates, which will promote healthy growth and development throughout their lives.
Yellow Ribbon Week is a national PTA program, which we are proud to celebrate at Soleado.

Yellow Ribbon Week – Activities
Monday - “Yellow Ribbon Kick Off & Pledge Day”
            Wear yellow socks or wear a yellow ribbon to celebrate the start of Yellow Ribbon Week.

Tuesday – “Friendship Day”
Make a new friend day and invite someone new to play with you at recess.

Wednesday – “Teamwork Day”
Celebrate teamwork by wearing a t-shirt or hat from your favorite sports team.

Thursday- “Peace & Love”
Dress in tie-dye, peace sign, flower, heart, or bright color clothing
to celebrate peace and positive friendships.

Friday- “Ray of Sunshine ”
            Wear your Soleado spirit gear or anything yellow to support Loving, Caring, Sharing and Friendship.

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