Monday, April 28, 2014

International Fair Needs YOU!

Soleado's annual International Fair is coming on Sunday, May 18th from 12-3 p.m.

Through our Fair, we highlight the many cultures that make up our Soleado community.  Families sponsor booths representing a country or culture.  Children and adults visit the booths to sample food, become familiar with items or interesting facts from the country/culture, and even watch dance and music performances that showcase our diversity.  This is a long-time Soleado tradition and one of the events we look forward to most each year.

Last year, we had more than 20 booths representing such varied countries and cultures as Guam, China, Korea, India, Iran, Norway, New Zealand, Mexico, Italy and Japan.  We would love to not only match that amount, but surpass it.  And we are planning to add more crafts, games, and prizes for our students to gain an experience outside of their usual surroundings.

CLICK HERE  to sign-up and help us bring this great event to Soleado.  We need:

-  food and booth sponsors (this can be cooked by your family, purchased/donated to Soleado, or donated from a local business)  (PLEASE LET US KNOW WHETHER YOU CAN SPONSOR A BOOTH BY MAY 1ST, SO WE CAN INCLUDE THAT COUNTRY/CULTURE IN THE ACTIVITIES WE ARE PLANNING FOR THE STUDENTS.)

-  volunteers to set-up, staff the event, and clean-up (families, community service groups, and others are welcome)

-  entertainment, such as dancers, musicians, and singers to perform in 5-10 minute sets (a discounted attendance price is available for performers)

-  games, crafts, or other ways to help teach our students about your culture or country

To help with the booths and games/crafts, the Soleado Booster Club can provide a shade tent, tables, chairs, napkins/forks/plates/bowls, and some craft supplies (although if you are able to bring your own table/tent it would be much appreciated!).  We ask each booth's sponsor to make, purchase or seek a donation of a food product that reflects the country/culture they have chosen.  In the past, this has varied from a "bite" to a few bites to several samples of food and drinks.  

So far, we have families that will present booths representing South Africa, the United States of America, the Czech Republic and more.  We hope that you'll join us and let our students appreciate how we all became Soleado Suns.

For more information, please contact Donna Epstein at  Again, to assist us in coordinating our events, activities, and volunteers, please sign-up for booth sponsorship by May 1st.  Thank you!

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