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Fifth Grade Colonial Events Timeline and Project Overview -Parents Must Read

Wax Museum Project

Project Overview
During the next month your child will be working on a long term project that will require preparation both in the classroom and at home.  Students will choose a significant figure from history that they would like to research. It can be the same character assigned for the Walk Through The American Revolution or a different character of choice. They will wear a costume for both events. Once they receive teacher approval,students will begin writing down details about their character using a note catcher. At least three different sources will be used to conduct the research.

The students will be required to dress as the person they researched (please note * rented or home-made costume, your choice.  Costume Closet is aware of our project).  They will become statues of wax and come to life when an imaginary button is activated.  They will be required to give a short speech, approximately1minute, about the life of their person.  

The 4th grade class and parents will be invited to come and view our living wax museum that will take place directly following Colonial Fair.

The following is the timeline for all 5th grade upcoming Colonial Events:

Tue., April 29th                 Receive Walk Through Rev. Assignments from teacher (memorize)

Fri., May 2nd                    Return signed form including choice for Wax Museum  ( this email can be printed and used as permission or hard copy coming home with student)    

Mon., May 5th                 Begin research for Wax Museum Speech (classwork and homework)

Mon., May 19th                Note Catcher for Wax Museum Due

Tue/Wed May 20/21st       Costume Closet Open for costume rental

Thurs., May 22                 Walk Through the Revolution in MPR ( Mrs. Ellis's class at 8:45 -11:15 and Mrs. Elliot's class at 11:45-2:15 )

Mon., May 26th                Final Draft of Wax Museum Speech Due with 


Wed., May 28th                 Colonial Fair (9:00 – 12:30) and Wax Museum (1:30)

Wed., May 28th                 Return Costume to Costume Closet after school (if needed)

Note Catcher and research                /30

Written Speech in 1st Person            /30

Bibliography                                      /20

Costume                                           /20       

Total                                                /100




 Ihavereadtheinformation and rubricsprovidedandunderstandthe requirementsfortheWaxMuseum. I also understand that this is different and separate from The Walk Through The American Revolution cards that are provided and also need to be memorized.



  NameofStudent                                                   ParentSignature___________________________________



Wax Museum
                                   (Person Choice)

If you have any questions about the above information, please contact Mrs. Ellis or Mrs. Elliot. 


Thank you,
The Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Gina Stutzel M.Ed
Principal, Soleado Elementary 
"A Place in the Sun"
(310)377-6854 ext.200 


Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified District

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