Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Haunt HELP NEEDED!!

1. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!! Click below to volunteer your time please!

2. Purchase your wristbands/tickets early to enjoy the discount! Discount ends Oct 16.
3.  We need people to help organize our prizes, craft supplies and materials in advance of Sunday.  This will be between 2-5 Friday afternoon and 2-5 Saturday afternoon.

4.  If you have party favors that they can donate as prizes, we are always in need of those.
5.  Can you loan your  EZ up tent and/or portable table?  We probably need about 6-8 more of each.  These should be marked with your family's name and dropped off anytime this week at school, or during Saturday 2-5 or before 9 on Sunday.
6.  If you have older children (high school, middle school) who can volunteer during the carnival Sunday 12-3 (arriving 10 minutes before shifts), we can use the help!  Either sign up on Member Planet or contact Jennifer at

7. Finally, if you or your company is interested in sponsoring the event it would be greatly appreciated too!! :)

Thanks so much!!

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