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This week at Soleado 10/7-1011

Hello everyone,

Happy Monday Soleado Families!! This week is full of important events and activities that you should mark on your calendars. One very important task that we need everyone to do is join our "GROUP" on Member Planet. Our goal is to enlist all of our Soleado families as members and use the site as our primary communication forum. Please visit the site frequently to stay on top of school news and updates. Our goal is to cut back on money spent on copies.........ultimately we would love to eliminate this portion of our budget all together and allocate those funds towards school supplies/technology upgrades and many other expenses for our kids. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

You should have received a letter from your room parent team last week. This letter outlines the room parent roles and describes the voluntary donation you can make. This voluntary program will provide funds to be used to purchase extra supplies for projects and class gifts for the teacher.  Donations are due by the 18th.  Please use the envelope that was sent home with the child or make sure to put the class treasurer name on an envelope so the teacher knows where it needs to go.

Please let me know if you have not received this information.

BOOK FAIR FOLLOW UP…..we have good news for anyone who couldn't make it to the Book Fair or if we ran out of a book that your student or teacher wanted!  Our online Book Fair is open until October 12th.
Click HERE go to the online book fair,  and you're all set.  Purchases made until October 12th will be credited to Soleado and earn more money and books for our school.  Orders will ship free to Soleado after October 12th, and will be provided to your teacher.

Reflections 2013-2014 Due Date is Friday, October 25. CLICK HERE for more information.  

Character Counts Pillar For The Month: Caring.

The Character Counts Coalition uses the color red to symbolize the pillar of Caring. 
This month our students will be focusing on the pillar of Caring.  There are two main ideas that apply to the pillar of caring.
  • Concern for others: Show compassion and empathy. Be kind, loving and considerate in your actions. Be grateful for the things people do for you. Forgive the shortcomings of others. Don’t be mean or cruel to others. Be sensitive of other's feelings. 
  • Compassion: Children can learn that people should be considerate and caring. Instead of ignoring hurt, confusion, anger and sadness they can learn that people should reach out to one another. As Plato quoted “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle!” we can never tell what difficulties another person is facing, and your kind word or action might make all the difference.
  •   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION on how you can support this concept at home. 



  • Please sign up to participate in the annual Skecher's Walk by CLICKING HERE 
  • Select our team SOLEADO SUNS and be sure to designate PEF as the recipient for your registration fee. 
  • If you can't be present and walk with us, please register as a virtual walker.


  • PTA/Booster Club General Meeting: 9:00 am MPR. We have 2 guest speakers scheduled: Ms. Elliot and a Costume Closet Representative.
    Please plan to attend. 
  • Make up picture day. 
  • Red Brick Pizza & iBerries Booster Fundraiser:  5-8 p.m.  Come by and grab a pizza & frozen treats  enjoy our friends and family, and donate a few dollars to our school! 

  • Don't forget to check out our "SHOP FOR SOLEADO" link to find out how you can raise money for our school. There are so many ways to PASSIVELY raise money while you do your routine shopping.


  • Choir class meets in the MPR 7:40 am

  • Are you collecting your Box Tops to turn in to the front office? CLICK HERE to print out a collection sheet and start collecting today.


  • Ensemble Class meets at  7:40 am. MPR

  • Have you updated your directory contact information yet? Please CLICK HERE to update today.


Show school spirit by wearing spirit wear/school colors.

Have you considered volunteering at the Costume Closet. Our school earns credit for every hour you work. CLICK HERE for more information.

Just a reminder, our teachers are implementing the Common Core principals/learning style with "Learning Targets". Be sure to ask your child to tell you what their learning target was for the day. :)

PTA is still looking for a few parents to join our board this year. Please use the sign up form to the right to let me know if you are interested in learning more about what is open.  There are a few other opportunities to get involved if this doesn't interest you, please contact me.

Useful links:
Click here for the Superintendent's Update
Click here for the current Sunblast
Join Member Planet

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