Friday, October 10, 2014

Skecher's Walk Challenge!

Hello Soleado Families and Happy Friday…..

We have been challenged by Vista Grande Elementary School to get the most Sketcher's Walk team members (virtual or walking).

The school that wins gets to have the other principal to sing the school song in front of the entire school!  

Our goal for this weekend is to get our participation numbers up to 65…we are currently at 49. 

 If you have not registered for the Sketcher's Walk please do so today!

You can register your entire family and extended family members.  If you are unable to attend the walk on Sunday, October 26th, sign up to be a walker anyway and you don't have to show up (don't sign up to be a virtual walker, the schools don't get as much money).  You still get a bag of goodies for each person signed up and you get a free t-shirt.  You can pick up this "swag bag" at equinox fitness club in the PV mall anytime the week of October 20-24.  When you sign up, be sure to designate one party as the designee and select  the Palos Verdes School District as the recipient of your donation.

Thank you for helping our school, our district, and the Friendship Circle Program!

Eva Ruiz-PTA President and Mrs. Stutzel-Principal

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