Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Parade Reminder

October 28, 2014

Dear Parents and Guardians,

One of the most enjoyable fall events for the "Soleado Suns" is our annual Halloween Parade. This colorful and fun-filled event for our students will be held on Friday, October 31st. The classroom parade will begin at 1:30 P.M. on the blacktop in front of the amphitheater and conclude at approximately 2:30 P.M. Students can wear their costumes to school and bring their accessories to use at the parade.

Please remember to leave any items not acceptable for school at home. These items include imitation weapons of any kind, or any other item that might pose a danger to other students. Make certain all costumes are safe for walking. This is very important for the safety of your child and the safety of others.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us as the students and faculty participate in the parade. Seating for parents will be in the amphitheater. We are looking forward to seeing you on October 31st, at 1:30P.M. Remember to bring your cameras. These are life's moments that you will want to capture and save (please note that posting any pictures to the internet is a privacy issue and must be used with caution.)

I look forward to seeing you at the Halloween Parade!


Gina Stutzel

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