Friday, October 3, 2014

Fwd: Friday Release Time has been changed due to weather-PLEASE READ

 Soleado Parents,
Below is the message that was sent out by the district.  I would like to assure you that all of the Soleado Buildings have A/C and it is working great!  Other school do not have A/C, so the district decided to have a minimum day for all schools in PV.
What that means for Soleado is as follows:
1. All students will have a release time of 1:35pm
2. If you can't be here at that time, we will keep the students in the Big Rooms watching a fun movie until the regular scheduled dismissal times.
3. If you child attends Kids Corner after school, they will attend at their regular times.  
4. Lunch and recess will continue like any other day.
5. All children will be supervised until they have been picked up. 
6. Everyone is safe and happy in the air conditioned buildings.
Thank you.
Mrs. Stutzel
The following is in process of being sent:
Text message:
PVPUSD early release day due to heat. HS = noon, Int = 1:15, Elem = 1:35. Supervision for students who cannot be picked up at early release time.
Voice message:
Due to the heat conditions presented by today's weather patterns, all schools will dismiss students early, as follows:
·         High Schools at 12 noon
·         Intermediate schools at 1:15
·         Elementary schools at 1:35
Supervision will be provided by school staff for any students that cannot be picked up.  The Kids' Corner, Teen Scene and MELA VELA programs will operate on their regular schedules.
PV Transit and other transportation services have been notified and are adjusting schedules to address the early release time.

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