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Safety At Soleado

Safety at Soleado


DO NOT PASS cars on Longhill Drive!  This is not only UNSAFE, it is illegal and you can be ticketed.

Parking Lot: The parking lot is for staff members only.  Parents are encouraged to park their cars on Longhill or Flaming Arrow.  No parking will be allowed along the curb in the parking lot during school hours (8:00am-3:15pm).

Never, even for a moment, park or allow a person picking up your child(ren) to park in teacher/staff spots.  They often return to campus after a meeting unable to park and return to class promptly, because a parent is parked in their spot.

Driveway Safety:  Drivers entering the parking lot must use the “Stop and Drop” procedure during the morning hours.  Pull along the curb into the designated area and drop off children so that they get out of the car directly onto the curb.  No DOUBLE-PARKING! Take care when entering or exiting the driveway, as many children will be using the crosswalks.  Remember that the speed limit is 5 mph in the parking lot.

Please remember that children must enter and exit the passenger side of the car when you are fully parked at the curb and they should exit right onto the curb only, carrying their backpacks.  Students are never allowed in the street during pick up and drop off.  This includes removing their backpacks and instruments from the trunk of the car.  

Please DO NOT stop your vehicle to drop off your child until you have pulled as far forward as possible.  This will help with the flow of traffic and with traffic congestion on the streets.

Pick-ups:  Students are to be picked up in front of the school using the “Stop and Drop” procedure.  Students must be picked up on time!  There is no supervision after 3:05 in front of the school.  Per District directive, we are no longer offering “Sibling Watch” between 2:40-3:00pm.  Students must be picked up at their dismissal time or you can choose to pay for afterschool care using the district’s program, Kids’ Corner. 

NO PARKING in the Kids’ Corner Lot.  This is for Kids’ Corner drop off and pick up only! 


ALL ADULTS must check into the front office and receive a name badge.  No one is admitted onto campus without going to the office and checking in first!

Soleado Elementary Expected Student Behaviors

*  Walk as they move through the hallways and around the campus.  No running on the blacktop, except as part of a game.  Running is permitted on the grass field.

*  Eat at the tables only.  Upper grade students may sit on the ground to eat.  Snacks may be eaten at the tables or at the benches by the blacktop.

*  Eat only at the designated tables and not on the playground.  Buying, selling and trading of food are not allowed.

*  Raise his/her hand to be dismissed from lunch tables.

*  Throw away trash before lining up for the playground.

*  Play only games that are safe and free from rough-housing and physical contact.

*  Play only approved playground games.  Play according to posted game rules.  Taking turns on all playground equipment is mandatory. (20 count)

*  Play with school issued equipment only.  Toys or sports equipment from home is not permitted at school.

*  Play in designated play areas only.

*  Use the bathrooms quickly, always cleaning up after yourself.   Students may not play in or around the bathrooms.

*  Freeze, stand up, and stop talking when the bell rings.  Then proceed to class lines when the whistle blows.

*  Return all balls to the cart or classroom.  NO PLAYING with the equipment once recess is over.

*  Treat all classmates and members of the school community with respect and kindness in their words and actions.

*  Be on time to school and to class.  (Playground opens at 8:15 am).  Students arriving before 8:15 must wait on the map in the center of campus.

*  Be polite and respectful to all adults on campus.  Address all adults by their proper title: Mrs. Miss, Ms. Mr.

*  Enter a classroom only when an adult is present.

*  Use respectful language at all times.  Profanity and swear words of any kind are not allowed.

*  Dress appropriately for school.  Sandals and open toed shoes are not allowed.  Revealing clothes, including mid-drifts, are not appropriate for school.

*  Wear hats and caps when outdoors only with the bill of the hat facing forward.

*  Follow classroom standards set by the teacher.  Be respectful of all school property and the personal property of others.

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