Friday, May 16, 2014

E Waste on Saturday at Soleado!

Soleado Families --

Our E-Waste event is this weekend! It's SO EASY to drive through and
drop off your e-waste this Saturday in front of the school between 9:00 and
2:00! Please bring what you have and tell all of your friends, families
and co-workers that this is their chance to clear out the e-waste they've
been wanting get rid of! We need as must e-waste as we can get!

All e-waste will be collected at no cost and properly processed for
recycling here in the U.S. by a licensed collector according to strict
California state guidelines. Help us keep this bulky, toxic waste out of
our landfills and raise money! Soleado willl get PAID BY THE POUND for
all the qualified e-waste we collect, so be sure to tell everyone you know
- the more the better and it doesn't take much time!

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Gina Stutzel M.Ed
Principal, Soleado Elementary 
"A Place in the Sun"
(310)377-6854 ext.200 


Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified District

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