Thursday, March 6, 2014

Red Ribbon Week: March 10-14

Dream, Believe, Achieve and Stay Healthy
At Soleado, Red Ribbon Week is about building habits of quality family time, promoting open communication, and choosing healthy options for food, friends and activities. We seek to incorporate the themes of Red Ribbon Week into our current goals of helping children lead balanced, healthy lives.  Red Ribbon Week will bring attention to nutrition, exercise, safety as well as character.  Each day of the week will focus on a different Healthy Choice that your child can make for his or herself or for the entire family.
Please contact Stephanie Cox at with questions.
Monday:  Let's team up and get fit with our FUN RUN!!! Bring your hats and water bottles.  (Don't forget to put on the sunblock)
Tuesday: Watch out for our Lomita Sheriffs. (Lunch Recess) & show the neighborhood our red ribbon spirit.
Wednesday: Turn your back to junk food, lets dress BACKWARDS! 

The students will meet the Nutrition Magician to learn with magic the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

Thursday: Rock out and get fit with Coach K (recess
10:15-11:15), healthy snacks will be passed out at recess.
Come to school in your workout clothes ready to get fit!

Friday: Superhero day! We are all healthy superheroes!
Dress up as any kind of healthy superhero you can think of.

Remember: Wear red all week

Click here to volunteer!  

For more information, contact Stephanie Cox at
To help kids with the Lomita Sheriff's visit, contact Jeannie Hahn at

Watch for your flyer coming soon!

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