Thursday, September 11, 2014

Yellow RIbbon Week Next Week: BEE KIND!

Yellow Ribbon “Bee Kind” Week
September 15-19, 2014

Yellow Ribbon Week is a national PTA program, which we are proud to celebrate at Soleado.
This year we will focus on BEEing kind and respectful to family, friends and teachers. 
Special BEE kind Gotcha cards will be given out to students showing
random acts of kindness throughout the week!

Yellow Ribbon Week – Activities
Monday - “Yellow Ribbon Kick Off & Compliment Day”
Sign your class’ BEE kind kid pledge
PTA/Booster Club sponsored school assembly will be held today on “Anti-Bullying”

Tuesday – “Friendship Day”
Give 3 friends a high five today and tell them good job for something!
Invite someone new to play with you at recess.

Wednesday ­– “Teamwork Day”
Celebrate teamwork by wearing a t-shirt or hat from your favorite sports team
BEE a good sport and make a positive comment to a teammate or opponent

Thursday- “Helping Hand Day”
Help someone before they ask, hold a door open for someone, pick up after yourself

Friday- “Spirit Day”
Wear your Soleado spirit gear or anything YELLOW to show your support of BEEing kind     

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