Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PTA Meeting Highlights

  • Mon., 1/20 - No School
  • Mon., 1/27 - No School
  • Sat., 2/1 - Booster Spring Mixer
  • Wed., 2/5 - Reflections Awards dinner
  • Tues., 2/11 - Kindergarten Roundup
  • Wed., 2/12 - Community Night
  • Fri., 2/14 - No School
  • Mon., 2/17 - No School
  • Wed., 2/19 - Java with Gina
  • Tues., 3/4 - Community Read In (tentative)
  • Wed., 3/5 - Book Fair (tentative)
  • Week of 3/10 - Red Ribbon Week
  • Thurs., 3/13 - Min. Day
  • Fri., 3/21 - Min. Day
  • Week of 3/24 - Spring Break

Fun Run - will not be during RRW - to be rescheduled to another date
Mrs. Beall's Presentation: 
Mrs. Beall is one of our amazing 4th grade teachers and she gave a very informative presentation on how our school is preparing our children to be successful in math and science. 
She began with the video below: 
She stressed the importance of math and science for both boys and girls and gave examples of toys she uses in the classroom to engage our kids in hands on learning. The toys she displayed are as follows: (links below are through our Amazon shopping link) :) 

Mrs. Beall reminded us of the PEF grant she was awarded to bring STEM to our campus. She is thrilled to begin training and working on this project. Our 4th graders are currently learning about the food chain and will begin creating a presentation that will be graded by their peers. 

Study Island is a great resource for home studying. The kids use it during the school day, but would benefit from time at home. There are a number of Common Core language arts/math questions that will give them insight on how questions look on new test. Reading is extremely important and Mrs. Beall is emphasizing vocabulary words/key words in lengthy math problems. The kids are asked to underline the key words to solve the examples given. She emphasized the importance of practicing, because the new test will require the students to read a great to deal to get to the answers. 

She reminded us of our district's 21st Century Learning Goal.......
"To create abstract thinkers and problem solvers". 

Amazon Update: 
Linh Tu has done an incredible job setting up our very own Amazon link and she informed us that we have earned a little over $453 so far. We want to remind you that this link is active all year long and please remember to use it for all of your Amazon visits. You can visit it by clicking on the links on Edline, Member Planet or even by CLICKING HERE. Don't forget to share this with your friends and family's an easy way to raise money for our school!


Booster Update:

Jennifer Novak, our Booster Club President informed us that donations are still down from last year (over 50% of our families have not donated). We need your help to ensure our students have all of the tools necessary to be successful this year!

The biggest booster fundraiser is coming up on February 1st at the Norris Pavilion and you should have already received your invitation to the Luau. Our committee is working hard on perfecting the decor as well as gathering auction items that will interest all of you. If you know of a local business that would be interested in donating services/gift certificates/other items, please contact Erica Mangham via email at: You can download the request letter by clicking here and you can even provide a receipt for the donation by clicking here (please be sure to complete the form before delivering it to the business).  You may even be able to donate your time and talents, we would love to hear from you!!

These are just a few things from today's meeting. If you missed today, you should really consider joining us next time: February 11 at 9:00 am in the MPR. Our special guest will be one of our 3rd grade teachers.

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