Wednesday, December 11, 2013



         Hello PVPPTA council members, Presidents and all Volunteers.  Thank you to all the new volunteers this fall.  The Costume Closet is still working on improvements and needs the help of all volunteers as well as council members and presidents for the second half of the School Year.  This week and next Wednesday/ Thursday the Costume Closet will be open and there are still some times available. Please fill in where needed.  Supersaas has been updated  from January through March, please sign up for at least 2 time slots a month.
Menders and Ironers do not need to sign up on supersaas, you do receive credit for hours worked.

Council members, Presidents & EVP's need to complete 16 hours of volunteer time at the Costume Closet a year.  In order for the Costume Closet to make improvements and changes to contribute to the PVPPTA's we need everyone to help out.  Please find some time this upcoming year to volunteer.

6th VP's for the schools should still be promoting the Costume Closet and sending out new information.  Colonial Days are big for us and the Elementary Schools.  Find out when your school will be having its Colonial day in order to help Teachers/ Students & Parents.  There is a one week reserve policy and many school schools from the South Bay use our resource.

Thank you & have wonderful Holiday Season

Use the supersaas link:
Costume Closet

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