Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tiles and other updates from our Booster Club President, Jennifer Novak

Hi, everyone.

It's been great to see so many of you come through the MPR this week to paint tiles and commemorate your students' time at Soleado (and, of course, race to the fundraising finish line for this year). 

So far, we've had about 100 tiles painted on Monday and Tuesday, and we're expecting another 70-100 to be painted today and Thursday, in addition to people coming back through to touch-up Tuesday tiles.  If you've already been through this process, you know that it can be a little chaotic as we try to get everyone set up with instructions and supplies.  Therefore, if you have a little time that you can give today or tomorrow afternoon, the Booster Club would really, really appreciate it. 

Our greatest need is during the first hour (2:45-3:45), when people first show up to paint.  Yesterday I got things started by giving instructions table by table and I think that helped.  But as people continue to arrive here and there, and when we have groups of kids from Kids Corner coming through as well, it gets a little harder to make sure everyone's set. 

We could also use help towards the end (4:15-5) to make sure people are re-using paint cups, washing brushes, and straightening up.

I know we ask a lot of everyone, but we aren't done with the 2012-2013 year yet, and Booster still has about $7,000 to raise between here and the end of the year (tiles will count towards this).

And for those of you who have asked, it looks like we brought in $1,000 for our rummage collection on April 13th.  Last year, we raised $1,300 at our rummage sale, and this was so much easier, so it's something for us to consider in the future . . .

Thank you again!!!


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