Thursday, February 21, 2013

Monday is a BIG day for Soleado. Please come out and support our kids!

Hi, Everyone,

Quick update on how Monday's events will be coordinated, given that we have been scheduled for the ARISS link Monday morning.  Below is information on the new schedule for the In-N-Out truck and a request for assistance at certain times.

According to Mr. Allen, we are scheduled to speak with the International Space Station at 11:53 a.m. and it will last 10 minutes.  Given that specific window of time, we've asked the In-N-Out truck to start serving at 12:15.  Mr. Allen is arranging for extra yard supervisors and teachers to escort students to the play yard, where the truck will be parked.

Grades TK-3 will receive their lunchesbetween 12:15 and 12:45.
Grades 4 & 5 will be served between 12:45-1:15.  

For students who have parents present, they may eat together on the play yard, as we'll be setting up portable tables/benches.

Students who do not have adult supervision present (whether their own families or an arrangement with another family) will be walked back from the Truck to the lunch area.

Given this schedule, please let me know if you can assist:

1. earlier in the morning to spend 30 minutes blowing up balloons that will both decorate the MPR and later decorate our Truck area.  This can even be after drop-off, up until11:30.  2-3 people would be ideal for this, to both blow up the balloons as well as to tie them around campus.

2. between 10:45-11:15 to make sure that the tables/benches go out for the picnic and, if necessary, to set up a couple of shade tents.  2-3 people would be helpful here as well.

3. between 12:10-12:50 to hand out tickets to TK-3 students/parents who pre-ordered lunches.  (Need 2-3 parents.)

4.  between 12:50-1:20 to hand out tickets to 4 & 5 grade students/parents who pre-ordered.  (Need 2-3 parents.)

5.  between 1:20-1:45 to make sure that everything's cleaned up and put away.  (Need 2-3 parents.)

Any help is appreciated!  We have already pre-sold more than 340 lunches, which will earn more than $1,000 for Soleado with this one lunch.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can do this again every year!

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