Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello everyone! We are fast approaching our Soleado Casino night 2013. In order to make sure that this event is great success we need our village to come together to help with various jobs or tasks as well as assistance on the actual evening of the event.

CONTACT SANDRA FRASSO at to find out how you can help. :)

Any time you have is well appreciated.
  Here are some of the jobs needed...

Pre- casino night

  Help with soliciting donations to local businesses, friends or people you know--

Help with putting all the auction baskets together ( one or two weeks prior to the event. Meet in Science lab from hours of 10 to 3 pm)--

  Invites ,flyers ,writing up bid sheets-      Paula Pearson :)

Putting Frames together for bid Sheets(gluing ribbons or flowers on them)

Actual Event day/ night

Need cash box with lots of $$ for change- Jennifer or Ray?

 Help with transporting baskets and items to Rolling Hills Country Club. ( preferably someone who has truck or suv or mini van) Sat Feb 9 sometime after 10 am

  Help with set up at RHCC on Saturday Feb 9th 10 am to 2 pm or anytime you can spare
  We will be setting up tables for auction items and coordinating all Bid sheets with each item.

  Balloon blow up- Zorica??

  During the event...
2 people to work check in table
5 30 to 7 pm

  1 relief person at check in ticket sale table from 7 to 8 pm1 person

 Chips and raffle ticket sales Table
5 30 to 7 pm

1 relief person chips and raffle sales table
7 to 8 pm

  2 nd relief person chips and raffle sales table
8 to 9

3 rd relief person chips and raffle sales table
  9 30 to 10 pm

2 people to assist Kevin Allen with the raffle drawings and the
Live Auction-- Sandra Frasso

2 people to help with removing all the bid sheets when auction section closes
  Also to help organize all the bid sheets and determine who the winners are.

Collect checks from winners and give winners their baskets or goods. - Jennifer Novak

6 people to help with clean up
From 11 to 11 30 pm

 Basically moving any Soleado items to the designated cars out front- Sandra Frasso, Jennifer Novak  ???

  Thank you

Sandra Frasso
  and the Booster Club

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